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Kitchen Countertop Shopping

Kitchen Countertop Shopping

Don’t knock a butcher countertop as an option for a modern kitchen island.

The life of family life is in the kitchen.  Often we have various dining surface options, from the living room dining table to the breakfast nook.  When it comes to convenience and casual feel, everyone ends up closest to the fridge and stove at the kitchen island.

So, the island become a center for life.

In the kitchen that I’m helping plan for my client, we decided on a wood top for the warmth and casual feel of wood.

The client is a professional family with 3 kids.  They requested a modern, minimalist, high traffic yet low maintenance kitchen that can accommodate a quick snack to a thanksgiving dinner.

This is my jam!

The client saw a revolutionary new wood product at the local appliance showroom and wanted to replicate this look.  We received the quote and were dismayed at the price point which would eat into the rest of our budget.

I introduced the idea of looking at a maple butcher block option. I love this countertop option with minimal grain variation for its exceptional beauty and durability.  The butcher block slabs can be purchased at a local lumberyard, finished and installed by a skilled millworker or contractor at a fraction of the cost of stone!

Since the client wanted the kitchen island to essentially act as a comfortable table, we are accommodating a ton of leg room with embedded steel supports



Chicago, Oak Park, River Forest |Interior Design and Architecture