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1. Understanding your situation & listening

This is the information gathering phase. We will come to your home (in person or virtually), interview you and document the existing home. This phase will help us inform realistic possible solutions.
We will keep in mind room layout, sizes, window locations and plumbing or electrical limitations. If necessary, we will research local code and zoning criteria.

Existing Conditions Analysis & program of requirements

2. Envisioning the art of the possible

We use hand sketches, physical models, computer renderings and other methods to explore various design ideas, floor plans, and building forms. We make sure clients are tied into this process and can add their ideas and filter through ours as we narrow in on a solution to further develop. This is the phase where we define what the look and feel of this space, the layout and flow, and start conversations about materials and aesthetics.

Deliverables: Preliminary Floor Plans & Feel of the space

3. Converging on the Solution

Here we start defining more of the solution. This includes beginning working on the details, considering how it will be built, refining the layout, and reconciling the design ideas with the set budget. At this stage we are engaging with the structural engineers and other consultants, to begin their work and coordinate with our design. This is also where we recommend you hire a General Contractor so they can start giving cost and constructability feedback. It is during this phase that we start locking in all of the dimensions, sizes, and material selections.

4. Creating the detailed documents for construction

Here we get into all of the nitty gritty details that describe exactly how the building will be constructed. This is where we create all of the architectural details, and specify all the materials and systems in the building. At the same time, we are working closely with you to select all the materials, finishes, fixtures, etc. that will define the look at feel and function of the home. Along the way we continue to update the clients on the progress, the cost estimates and planning the construction timeline.

5. Obtaining Permits

During this phase we coordinate printing, complete the permit application, and bring in the permit drawing set to the Building Department. We meet with the intake review staff and follow up on any questions or plan review checksheets from all the department reviews. This phase includes making changes to the drawings requested by the plans reviewers, catching potential mistakes or omissions on the construction documents, and submitting any additional drawings, information, or forms needed in order for the city to issue a permit.

6. Working with your contractor

During the construction phase we will communicate with you and your contractor to answer questions regarding the interpretation of the design intent of the construction documents. We visit the site a reasonable amount to observe and evaluate the work, and provide a determination of substantial completion of the project in order to help facilitate a high quality finished project. Basically we help facilitate the construction process and communicate with you and the general contractor to hopefully make construction as smooth and low-stress as possible.

Understanding your situation & listening

Envisioning the art of the possible

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Chicago, Oak Park, River Forest |Interior Design and Architecture